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Lunch was on the horizon and hunger was setting in after a long morning toiling in the garden pulling weeds, amending soil, pruning, mulching, composting and planting new perennials.  Yes, this is what you do when you live in the countryside on a Sunday morning.  Get smelly and filthy dirty!  Not so long ago, Sunday mornings consisted of waiting in line at the hottest local brunch haven in the city and then slowly proceeding home for a long cat-nap.  I must admit, I really don’t mind digging and being knee-deep in the earth’s soil.  In fact, I quite love it.  For me, it’s good for the soul.


However, on this particular day, I did know something even better for the soul.  The second batch of homemade mozzarella had been taunting us for hours and the basil in the garden was calling its name.  That’s right, what else could it be but a light, refreshing caprese salad layered with fresh homemade mozzarella, juicy tomatoes, fresh basil straight from the garden, plenty of good olive oil, sprinkled with some salt and freshly ground pepper.  No recipe – just some lightweight assembly.


Served outside under a sunny afternoon sky with a cold, tall glass of raspberry lemonade and views of the sparkling blue water and sailboats passing by sure beats standing in line for anything.  Even if you are smelly and dirty.


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