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When we first discovered farm fresh eggs down the street from our Island home back in Washington, my husband suggested it would be THE perfect opportunity to make Dippy Eggs and Soldiers.  Huh?  Flummoxed, I looked at him, scratching my head, and for the next 30 minutes, he recounted stories about who the legendary Soldiers were and why exactly these fine fellas would be joining us for Sunday breakfast.

I still didn’t get it.

But, nevertheless, decided to take his word for it.  We dusted off the egg cups from the drawer of kitchen tchotchkes, in order to prep them for their on-screen debut.  Weekend breakfast is taken rather seriously at our humble abode.  The barometer for success falls into categories of leisurely, lengthy and lip-smacking goodness.  Bracing myself for a spectacular letdown, I began to quietly devise a Plan B in my head.  Brioche French Toast, Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, Maple Glazed Bacon…

Suddenly, my under-cover menu planning was interrupted.  Breakfast was ready.  The Soldiers had arrived.  So soon?  I swallowed nervously as I was presented with breakfast, perched atop its very own royal throne, looking ever so proud and suitably British.  I’m not sure I ever felt so happy, to be proven so utterly wrong.  Sure, I’ve had soft-boiled eggs in the past, but these tasted distinctly different.  They were Runny, Dippy, Delectable Eggs.  OH BOY.  And the Soldiers!  Those handsome Soldiers!  Lightly buttered, standing at full attention, ready and willing to perform their predestined, exemplary dunking duties.

One dip into this perfectly cooked, gooey, thing of wonder — and, Hallelujah — I get it. I finally get it.

Don’t forget to set your timer when cooking these bad boys.  The three minutes goes by in a blink of an eye.  We used large eggs, so adjust time up/down if using smaller/larger eggs.  I like my eggs super runny, so adjust time accordingly if you prefer yours less so.  Instead of butter, shower Soldiers with grated Parmesan for a little decadence.  Or for a gluten-free option, try roasted asparagus stalks as Soldiers.  The variations are endless.  Report back your favorites.  Happy dipping!

Music Pairing: The Beatles, Love Me Do

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